Authors Title Journal/Book Vol Pages Year File
Prosposito, P., Melino, S., Ciocci, M., (...), Schrader, S., Casalboni, M. Photolithography of 3D scaffolds for artificial tissue Materials Science Forum 879 1519-1523 2017
Ciocci M, Mochi F, Carotenuto F, Di Giovanni E, Prosposito P, Francini R, De Matteis F, Reshetov I, Casalboni M1, Melino S1, Di Nardo P.1 (1 equal contribution) Scaffold-in-Scaffold Potential to Induce Growth and Differentiation of Cardiac Progenitor Cells. Stem Cells Dev 26 (19) 1438-1447 2017
61. Ciocci M., Iorio E., Carotenuto, F., Khashoggi H.A., Nanni F., Melino S H2S-releasing nanoemulsions: A new formulation to inhibit tumor cells proliferation and improve tissue repair Oncotarget 7 84338-84358 2016
58. Mauretti A, Neri A, Kossover O, Seliktar D, Di Nardo P, Melino S. Design of a Novel Composite H2 S-Releasing Hydrogel for Cardiac Tissue Repair. Macromol Biosci. 879 847-858 2016
• Mochi, F.adEmail Author, Prosposito,, Francini,, De Matteis,, Melino,, Ciocci,, Di Nardo,, Ksianzou, V.e, Schrader, S.e, Casalboni, Advanced biocompatible photolithographic scaffolds for tissue engineering IET Conference Publications CP704-2016 CP704 2016
Bhuiyan, A.I.; Papajani, V.T.; Paci, M.; Melino, S*. Glutathione-Garlic sulfur conjugates: Slow hydrogen sulfide releasing agents for therapeutic applications Molecules 20 1731-50 2015

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